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Fordite Cuff Bracelet

Fordite Cuff Bracelet

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Substantial Oxidized Satin Finish Fordite Cuff Bracelet. Fits wrists 7.5”+. Measures approximately 7” length and .5” tall.

Fordite or Detroit Agate is old enamel automotive paint that has been recycled and repurposed in jewelry. When cars were hand painted the layers would build up and be baked many times. The slag was pulled off after many layers of different colors of paint. Each design is unique with all the variants of paint colors and what the paint had gathered and pooled on. Automotive paint is automated and this process is no longer used.

The Fordite is getting harder to curate, making these jewelry pieces one of a kind! a great gift for an automotive lover or one who loves recycled and repurposed material. 

Looks great worn alone or added to a stack. Recommendation is the Triangle Cuff that are made to order (pictured in second photo)


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